Welcome to the website of Guinness World Record holder and renowned Galway author Mike Geraghty. Here are some words from Mike!

Hi, Welcome to MG Words! In 2003 Francis Power and I created a new world record for playing ‘the longest competitive doubles match by one pair against all-corners’. We played for 26 hours, but a German pair broke it so naturally we re-daimed our title in 2005, playing for 36 hours. I wrote Throwing Rackels And Breaking Records to record our feats and then decided to write a fictional book ‘Alphabet Tennis’. I set up my own business Newcastle Video Library in 1986 but dosed it in October 2006 as I believe that the industry has been going downhill for a few years now! The fact that I wrote three books at work says it all. I hope you enjoy them and that they will stimulate a greater interest in tennis!”





Throwing Rackets

Throwing Rackets tells the story of how two tennis players from Galway, Ireland, create and re-capture a world record. It also looks at the psychological side of the game and gives tips on how to go about setting a world record. "recalls the stay of Mike Geraghty and Francis Power's effort to freak the [...]


Alphabet Tennis

Alphabet Tennis is an intro to the game and tells the story of Carl Cars journey to Wimbledon.1 didn't want to write an age-specific book as I think it could be of interest to all ages.


Carl Cats World Tour

Carl Cars World Tour is the sequel to Alphabet Tennis and it follows the crafty Cars progress on the tennis tour, where he competes with Roger Rabbit, Rafa Rhino and Andre Antelope for the 4 grand slam events and chases Olympic gold as well as the No.1 ranking.




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